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EcoTrak Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner

EcoTrak Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Quick Overview

The EcoTrak Turbo is the most advanced, and capable pool cleaner available on the market. It is designed to scrub your pool as quickly and as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

With its advanced track drive system, the EcoTrak will leave your pool shimmering, year after year. The EcoTrak Turbo also comes with the best warranty in the business : A 3 year, prorated warranty, that will protect your investment for years to come!

With its ingenious design, the EcotTrak Turbo harnesses the power of water that is already in your pool to scrub, and lift dirt and debris, while vacuuming it and filtering your water at the same time. No hoses, no booster pumps, just rock solid, state of the art cleaning power.


With the EcoTrak Turbo, you can fire your pool boy, and retire your pools main filtration system. Costing less than 5¢ per cycle, the EcoTrak will scrub, brush and vaccum your pool in as little as two hours. The EcoTrak's state-of-the-art navigation system allows it to easily climb straight up steep pool walls and stairs and it's NeverStuck technology will ensure that it won't get stuck in one place spinning the tracks, and ruining the brushes and tracks.

Today, EcoTrak Turbo is the state-of-the-art, cost-effective and performance-proven way to clean your pool in half the time of other cleaners. Nothing is more reliable or capable. Here's why:

  • Self-contained with on-board filtration system and drive and pump motors, free the pool operator from traditional cleaning methods that require pool's filter, hoses, booster pumps, assembly or installation.

  • An internal, microprocessor-guided drive motor directs the EcoTrak Turbo to systematically clean any residential pool up to 50' in length from floor to waterline and everything in between without wasting time trying to "learn your pool", repeatedly cleaning the same area or missing spots altogether.

  • EcoTrak Turbo's NeverStuck technology, ensures that the cleaner won't get stuck causing unnecessary brush and track wear and tear.

  • Rotating brushes loosen waterline build up and break down large debris while Patented power washing jets flush out dirt from areas brushes can't reach.

  • Dirt and debris are vacuumed in through off-center vacuum ports to avoid clogging and access dirt along pool edges. The internal reusable filter bag removes everything from large leaves and coins to hair, sand and even microorganisms 10x smaller than what most pool filters can, to ensure the healthiest swimming water, decrease pool filter use as much as 50%, chemical consumption up to 30%, and usage of heat pumps and solar blankets saving energy.

Relax and enjoy your pool, knowing with confidence that the EcoTrak Turbo is the most efficient and effective cleaner in its class, outperforming every other in virtually every category. With 30 years of the world's leading robotic engineering quality and innovations, EcoTrak units remain the #1 selling robotic cleaners because they clean better, are more reliable and are backed by the best warranties and support in the industry.


Product Title EcoTrak Turbo Robotic Pool Cleaner
Brand Aqua Products
Cleans Pool Floor, Sidewalls, And Waterline
Filters Internal - Fine Filter (Cleans Down to 2 microns)
Drive System Track
Cord Length 60'
Shipping Cost FREE SHIPPING (Requires Signature)
Weight (in lbs) 30.0000
Warranty 3 Year



Customer Reviews

First Big Online Purchase? - Review by Anita
Buying online has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, but I have been hesitant for a long time. Well there are no pool cleaner supply stores around where I live, and I was left with no other option. Luckily for me I called Epic Pool Supply, and they helped me pick out the perfect cleaner for my pool, and made me feel comfortable all the way through the process. They were so helpful and made the entire process easy for me. Thanks Epic! (Posted on 5/30/12)

Really Impressed - Review by Walt
This cleaner is really great. It does a great job scrubbing my pool and there was a noticeable difference in my pools water color, after the first use. I throw it in every couple of days and it cleans the whole pool within an hour or so. It beats the heck out of cleaning it by hand, and save me 3 or 4 hours per week. No more brushing, no more sweeping, and no more wasting time that I could use doing other things. (Posted on 5/30/12)

Amazing - Review by Nick
great cleaner, and it shipped super fast! I called in and save myself $20 bucks!!! (Posted on 5/23/12)

Why I bought this - Review by Gary b.
This cleaner really gives your pool a through cleaning. I have been using a side suction cleaner, and manually brushing my pool wall up until now, but man! I didnt know what I was missing! This cleaner reaches all the way from the floor to the water line to give your pool a full service clean. (Posted on 5/23/12)

Navigates my entire pool - Review by Gina
I have had a couple of other pool cleaners in the past, and they have done ok, but my pool is a very unique size and shape. Finding a cleaner that can get the side walls, benches and stairs has been a chore, but the ecotrak does it with ease, and looks really cool while doing it. My kids really get a kick out of watching our "robot" clean the pool (Posted on 5/23/12)

Does a great job! - Review by Bob T.
My EcoTrak works just like its supposed to and really outperforms any pool cleaner I have ever owned before. I real alot of other reviews about this and people seem to love this brand so i thought i would try it out, and I was not disappointed! (Posted on 5/23/12)