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Best Value-Priced Pool Cleaners

The following pool cleaners all combine great cleaning ability with a reasonable retail price, making them our Epic Picks for the best value automatic pool cleaners.

Ecojet Turbo

The Ecojet Turbo's ingenious design allows for it to harness the power of water to lift dirt an debris, instead of running water hoses to your cleaner, which waste water, energy, and time. By redirecting water that is already in your pool, the EcoJet Turbo will mix the different layers in your pool, which will save you money on chemicals, maintenance, and heating or cooling costs. Dirt, silt, debris, leaves and twigs are no match for the EcoJet Turbo, and it can filter down to 2 microns (20x smaller than a grain of sand.) The Ecojet Turbo is made for pools up to 50’ in surface space and comes with a 3-year pro-rated warranty.

Dolphin Nautilus

The Dolphin Nautilus is a feature-rich robotic cleaner that provides exceptional cleaning power at an affordable price! This lightweight, easy-to-use robotic cleaner is designed for all pool surfaces up to 50 ft. long. To ensure complete pool coverage, the Nautilus utilizes advanced scanning technology and will actively brush your pool walls and floor while filtering the water. And its convenient cartridge filter system is easy to access and clean! The Nautilus comes complete with 60 ft. of patented swivel cable, digital power supply with LED diagnostics and reusable cartridge filters including an extra spring clean-up cartridge.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 F1

The Polaris 360 roams the pool bottom and vacuums the walls spotlessly clean without a booster pump and is Ideal for vinyl, gunite or fiberglass in ground pools of any size or shape. It even works great under your solar blanket! The internal back-up timer automatically frees itself from nooks and crannies, so it keeps cleaning any shape pool without interruption in 3 hours or less. Because it operates on the pool's return line so your skimmer stays free to clean surface debris. As the pool cleaner sweeps the pool, it also distributes chemicals and heat throughout the pool for better circulation and chemical effectiveness. Includes filter bag and 31' hose kit.