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11 Reasons to Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Not all automatic pool cleaners are the same. In fact, there are three types: suction, pressure and robotic. The following infographic highlights the reasons why you should consider a robotic pool cleaner for yourself. Rest assured that once you go robotic, you’ll never go back.

1. Robotic cleaners provide for a healthier clean by reducing the amount of chemicals needed.

2. Better water mixing (up to 85 GPM) vs. both suction-side and pressure cleaners. This dramatically helps reduce the chemicals needed in your pool.

3. Finer water filtration (down to 2 microns) vs. both suction-side and pressure cleaners. This also helps reduce the chemicals needed in your pool.

4. Robotic cleaners use substantially less energy to run (costing less than 5 cents per cycle hour). 93% more efficient than a standard main pool filtration system.

5. Some pressure cleaners require the installation of an extra booster pump - costly to buy and install.

6. Robotic cleaners can clean both the side walls and water line in addition to the pool bottom. In other words, it cleans where you need them to clean.

7. Labor savings - Robotic pool cleaning offers consumers the latest and easiest way to keep their pools clean. Just plug in the power supply, place the bot in the pool and press a button.

8. Reduces the frequency of changing your pool filter sand and/or DE powder. All of the waste picked up the the robotic cleaner is self-contained.

9. Affordable! New technology has great options at virtually every price point.

10. No unsightly pool hoses. Just a slim non-tangle cord.

11. The are just really cool.

Special thanks to the team at Swim University for letting us share this information with you.


11 Reasons To Buy A Robotic Pool Cleaner