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How Automatic Pool Cleaners Work

Pressure-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pressure-side pool cleaners use the return line from your pool pump. The pressure from the return line is used to drive the unit and to create a vacuum that pulls the dirt and other debris into it's filter. Depending on the power the pool pump and which model of pressure-side pool cleaner is used, an additional booster pump may need to be used to create enough pressure to power the cleaner.


  • Pressure-side automatic pool cleaners are a fast and efficient type of pool cleaner.
  • Won't fill or clog your pool's skimmer or filter.
  • Helps circulate the water in your pool.


  • They often require a booster pump which adds cost and complexity.
  • Use a lot of electricity as a result of using the pool's pump during their entire cleaning cycle.

Suction-Side Automatic Pool Cleaners

Suction-side pool cleaners use the suction end of your pool's pump to pull itself through the water and as a vacuum to pull the debris and dirt into the pool's filter. As they have few moving parts they are the simplest type of automatic pool cleaner and are generally the most economically priced.


  • Suction-Side cleaners are usually the least expensive type of automatic pool cleaner. And a good option as an entry-level cleaner.
  • Easy to install and operate.


  • Use your pool's filter and pump which can cause more wear and tear on those units.
  • Use a lot of electricity as a result of using the pool's pump during their entire cleaning cycle.

Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are fully self-contained. They have their own built-in filters and pumps. While they are powered by a standard outlet, they use a transformer to bring that power to a safe level. As they are generally more expensive on the outset than the other types of pool cleaners, they often make up their cost in the long run by being more efficient with electricity and not causing wear and tear on your pool pump and filter. In addition, many models will not only vacuum the dirt and debris from a pool, but also scrub the walls.


  • Robotic pool cleaners are the fastest automatic cleaners.
  • Many models will also scrub the sides to provide a deeper cleaning.
  • Because they have their own motors and filters, they don't cause wear and tear on your pool pump and filter.
  • More energy efficient than other automatic pool cleaners.


  • Initial costs can be higher than other automatic pool cleaners.

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