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How to Choose a Pool Cleaner

Sparkling clean and clear water is what every pool owner strives for. Some choose to hire a professional pool cleaning service or take care of it themselves. To make it easier for those do-it-yourself types here are several solutions that make pool cleaning easy and fun. Use this infographic provided by Maytronics makers of the Dolphin Oasis Z5 line of pool cleaners to help you choose a pool cleaner that is reliable, affordable, and works well for your lifestyle.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • » Consider this cleaner if you want a pool cleaner that works on its own.
  • » These self contained machines move around the pool on their own and scrub the floor and walls.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

  • » Consider this cleaner if you have a lot of large debris, such as leaves or acorns
  • » This type of cleaner uses water pressure to roll over the pool's surface and suck dirt into a bag.

Suction Side Automatic Cleaner

  • » Consider this cleaner if you have fine dirt particles, such as sand, in your pool.
  • » This type of cleaner connects to your skimmer and uses your pool's filter to move around.

Manual Pool Cleaner

Consider a manual pool cleaner if:

  • » You do not mind spending your own time keeping the pool clean.
  • » You have an above-ground pool or a smaller in-ground pool.
  • » You are on a budget
  • » You are a perfectionist

  • Seven Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pool Robot

    • » Pool Type: Is it in-ground or above ground?
    • » Budget: How much do you have to spend?
    • » Pool Size: A backyard wading pool or Olympic sized?
    • » Pool Surface: Vinyl, concrete/gunite, pebble, tile, or fiberglass?
    • » Technology: How comfortable are you with technology?
    • » Filtration: What types of dirt do you need to clean? Dust, sand or leaves and twigs?
    • » Features: Bare bones or bells and whistles? It's your choice.