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Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting

The following are some of our most frequently asked troubleshooting questions. It’s important to note that many of the answers vary by type of product purchased. In those cases we recommend referencing the specific product manual for your product.

Problem Solution
Pool cleaner does not move
  1. Check that the power supply cable is plugged properly into the power supply socket. Check power to the socket and reconnect Pool cleaner

  2. Ensure the power outlet is functioning properly and that it has not tripped the breaker in the fuse box

  3. Turn the power supply off. Wait 30 seconds then turn it back on

  4. Unplug the power supply. Open the impeller cover and check that nothing is trapped in the impeller

Pool cleaner moves but does not clean the pool
  1. Clean the filters of the cartridges

  2. After the Pool cleaner starts moving observe it for several minutes and make sure that it keeps moving. If it stops moving check the impeller and the drive system to see if any debris is stuck there

Pool cleaner cleans only part of the pool
  1. Check that there is enough slack in the cable for the Pool cleaner to reach all of the pool

  2. Clean the filter bag/cartridge

  3. Check the brushes to see if they are obstructed or worn out

  4. You may enhance the pool coverage by adjusting the handle float. For optimal pool coverage the Pool cleaner should turn on the floor at 90° angle (the Pool cleaner rotates twice before  completing the 90° turn).

  5. If the Pool cleaner turns in an angle wider than 90°, pull out the handle float on the cable’s entry-side (A)

Pool cleaner floats instead of sitting on the floor of the pool
  1. Try removing the air again

  2. With the Pool cleaner in the water squeeze the combined brush/Wonder brush to make sure that they are completely water absorbent

Cable has kinks
  1. To remove the kinks stretch the cable out completely and let it sit for at least a day in the sun

  2. push in the float on the non-cable side (see figure B)

Pool cleaner doesn’t climb the walls
  1. Clean the filter bag/cartridge

  2. Check the level of the chemicals of the water. Improper levels may allow the
    growth of algae making the walls slippery. If so, adjust the levels and scrub
    the walls

  3. Check that the brushes aren’t worn out

Power Supply LED lights are blinking
  1. Check if the power supply is on with the unit out of the water

  2. Check if filter bag is full

  3. To restart, press the power button once. Cleaning program will resume from where it left off

My unit does not turn on
  1. Make sure unit is plugged into the power supply and the power supply is plugged into a grounded GFI outlet

  2. Check if outlet has power

  3. Make sure cable plug fits tightly into the power supply

  4. Check cable for cuts or damage

  5. Make sure to press the on button firmly
Unit pumps water but does not move
  1. Remove any foreign matter that may be obstructing the forward / reverse motion

  2. On specific units check drive belts and tracks

  3. Check to see if suction ports are clogged

  4. Make sure filter bags or baskets are clean
What is the proper way to remove the robotic pool cleaner from the water?
  1. Pull GENTLY on the cord when the robotic pool cleaner is by the wall in the shallow end, when handle is accessible grab it to remove from the water. Never tug on the cord or remove the robotic pool cleaner from water by the cord.
My robotic pool cleaner is moving but it is not pumping water, why?
  1. Check the impeller by removing the outlet top. Most likely the impeller is clogged with hair or lint or some other debris that is causing it to stick.
Unit does not climb the walls or cover the entire pool
  1. Make sure unit purchased was indeed designed to climb walls – some units are designed for bottom cleaning only

  2. See product specific owner manuals to ensure correct tips as they they vary greatly by unit

  3. Change pool option from small to large on the power supply

  4. Make sure flotation cable reaches all area of the pool

  5. Install optional Flotation – see manual

  6. Clean filter bag
Unit does not pick up debris
  1. Remove the outlet top and clean all debris from impeller (See manual instructions)

  2. Check to see if bag or filter basket is thoroughly clean (See manual for instructions)

  3. Make sure intake valve is free and clean
Debris comes out of the unit when removing unit from pool
  1. Make sure filter bag is in place properly

  2. Make sure intake valves on the under side of your unit moves freely

Should I take my robotic pool cleaner out of the pool once it is finished with the cleaning cycle?
  1. The robotic pool cleaner should stay in the water at least 20 minutes after running to allow it to cool down before it is removed from the water.

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