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What exactly are power washing jets?

Aquabot Power-Washing Jet Technology
Power-Washing Jet Technology
by Aqua Products, Inc.

Power-washing jets use spouts positioned on the bottom of the Aquabot T-series cleaners which spray high-pressured water at the pool's surfaces to break up debris so that it can be sucked into Aquabot's filter.


No other manufacturer uses this state of the art cleaning technology.
No other cleaning method is as reliable and maintenance-free.

Many competitors build robotic cleaners that rely on brushing and vacuuming as the only cleaning mechanism. This means that the unit has to work harder in order to obtain sufficient results. The Power-Jet technology aids in the traditional brushing and vacuuming methods and efficiently cleans your pool in less time.

Since these jets have no physical component that touches against the surface directly, there is no resistance which means no maintenance issues.

Aqua Products, Inc. Power-Washing Jets Technology Aqua Products, Inc. Power-Washing Jets

These patented jets are positioned just right to lift the debris up and rush it towards the vacuum ports causing a combination of deep-jet scrubbing with faster cleaning time.

Power-Washing Jet Technology
by Aqua Products, Inc.