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Single or Split Track Cleaner-What Should I Choose?

Dolphin Oasis

Dual Track / Split Brush

Maytronics Dolphin Oasis Z5

A split track pool cleaner maneuvers in a similar—though modified—method as a bulldozer. Using a single electric motor to drive each track by slowing or reversing one motor it becomes possible for the robot to turn in place or make a "neutral turn".

A dual drive-motor offers optimal pool maneuverability and coverage, regardless of shape, slope and obstacles, giving you total mobility and systematic scanned movements from side wall to side wall with right angle turns to cover the full length of the pool. Making this a faster, more efficient and with complete cleaning coverage of virtually any pool shape or configuration.


Top Split Track Cleaners

Aquabot Turbo T4RC

A powerhouse that scrubs, power washes, vacuums, filters and circulates.
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Aquabot Turbo T2

Micromanages the maintenance of your pool, giving you time to enjoy it.
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Aquabot Turbo T

Single Track / Single Brush

Aquabot Turbo T

With single track pool cleaners, maneuvering is more involved. To turn, these cleaners must come to a stop and power down the drive motor. This reduces the suction rate causing the cleaner to rotate ever-so-slightly. The motor then powers up and pulls the unit to the bottom of the pool with a new trajectory.

Overall a single track pool cleaner does a decent job of piloting around your pool providing effortless and efficient pool cleaning. These cleaners also clean any type or shape of pool -- efficiently and thoroughly. Their ease of use, performance and reliability will deliver years of cost effective pool cleaning.


Top Single Track Cleaners

Dolphin Triton PS

An advanced robotic cleaner with exceptional features and technology
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Aquabot Turbo

Covers your in-ground pool floor as well as the walls and waterline.
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